Welcome! Supporting your team with continuous quality improvement!

Are you looking for ways to promote continuous quality improvement in supported and customized employment and thus improve job seekers’ employment outcomes?

You are in the right place and we would love to help. We will provide you and your team with tools to visualize your team's implementation of supported and customized employment and we will support you and your team to leverage the data for continuous quality improvement. 

We can help if a) your team includes at least three employment support professionals (e.g. employment consultants, employment specialists, or job coaches), and b) they assist primarily job seekers with intellectual disabilities, autism, and other developmental disabilities.

Participation is free, but space is limited. Please complete this short form to let us know about your interest, share a little information about your program, and receive an invite to an Open House on June 21, 2023:

I would like to know more

When you complete the short "I would like to know more" form, you will receive an invitation to join an Open House about ES-Coach to learn about:
- Why ES-Coach.
- How ES-Coach can help you and your team.
- How to sign up.
- What to expect if selected to participate.
- Q&A.

This sounds interesting. What are the next steps?

If your program is a good fit and likely to benefit from using ES-Coach, our team will contact you with instructions about the next step. If after a few weeks, you do not hear from us, feel free to reach out to us. Once you and your team register, you and your team can start using the ES-Coach right away. In Mid-July there will be an orientation (Zoom) for all users to ask questions that may have emerged by using ES-Coach. The project is intended to last 12 months, until the summer of 2024. But participation is voluntary. 

What should I expect as a participant?
As an employment consultant: Answer three core questions about your primary support activity, daily, each day at a different random time, on your phone (Less than 1 minute).

As a manager of a team of employment consultants: Join a coaching call with one of our national employment services experts every other month to discuss how to leverage your team's ES-Coach data for quality improvement.

As a Team:

  • During your staff meetings visualize the ES-Coach data dashboard, reflect on the data, set goals, and identify actions for quality improvement.
  • Complete a baseline survey about demographic and professional characteristics (5-10 minutes).
  • Share your feedback to improve ES-Coach through surveys, focus groups, and/or interviews (Optional).
  • Receive “data emails” with tips about how to leverage the data for quality improvement.

How much time will take for my team to participate?

Not a lot! It takes approximately 5 hours total throughout the 12-month duration of the project (i.e. about a minute per day). We’ve heard from a manager that their team was able to double their time in support leading to hiring!  They also implemented a max paperwork time practice and decreased that significantly.

Is there a cost for participating?

Nope! It's entirely free to participate, thanks to a Kessler Foundation grant.

What have past participants said about ES-Coach?

  • "It makes me think about my workday and allows me to put extra goals into perspective."
  • "I find that it causes me to pause for a moment and reflect on how I am spending my time, energy, and resources."
  • "I love how simple it is."

Who funds this project?
The primary funding is through a Signature Employment Grant from the Kessler Foundation. Check out the abstract.

Who are the key partners in this project?

  • The University of Minnesota (RRTC CL).
  • Washington Initiative for Supported Employment (WISE).
  • Association of People Supporting Employment First, APSE.
  • State Employment Leadership Network (SELN)

Where can I learn more about the ES-Coach project? 
Visit https://www.es-coach.org, ask info@es-coach.org, or contact the project lead Alberto.Migliore@umb.edu 

Is this project approved by the Institutional Review Board?

Yes, this project has been approved by the Institutional Review Board at the University of Massachusetts Boston.


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